Carl Staley

Unique Wood-Burned Art

Carl Staley Unique Wood-Burned Art

Wood-burned Southwestern art so realistic you'll likely think it's a painting until you touch it...

American Cowboy Carl Staley starts with nothing more than a sheet of specially selected birchwood and a hand-held wood-burner.  

What he creates will amaze and impress your friends and associates.

Jason Ayers

"Until I touched it, I would have sworn it was a painting."

"Carl creates some of the most unique, one of a kind pieces of artwork that I've ever seen.  The fact that he does it all with a wood-burner is nothing short of amazing.”

About the Artist

Carl Staley's beautiful Southwestern art creates a unique representation of the American Southwest that cannot be found anywhere else.

Every Carl Staley piece is unique. Although some pieces are similar, Carl changes something every time, meaning you'll have a unique piece of wood-burned art that won't be found anywhere else except for on your wall.

Carl Staley’s beautiful Southwestern art creates a unique representation of the American Southwest that cannot be found anywhere else.

His love of horses shines through in his pieces ranging from wild Mustangs, Palominos, Arabians, to the Navajo roping horses, all recreated in faithful detail. His knowledge of a horse’s anatomy is evident in the final product as every detail is painstakingly rendered onto the wood canvas.

The portraits Carl creates, including those of famous American Southwest figures, are incredibly detailed and true to life. His portraits of John Wayne (The Duke) capture moments in the famous icons life that are instantly recognizable. John Wayne’s filmography of hundreds of films spanning almost five decades cemented him in the collective mindset of millions of Americans as someone to admire and aspire to be like. John Wayne’s character reminded us of the tough individualism and idealism that made America great, and a place where you control your destiny. Carl’s portraits of The Duke capture that rugged, confident attitude perfectly, a fact that is inescapable in The Duke’s gaze portrayed by Carl.

Famous Indian figures that helped define their people’s place in an uncertain emerging America are also not forgotten, including portraits of the Apache resistance leaders Geronimo and Hunkpapa Lakota holy man Sitting Bull. Men whose resolve led them to stand against the United States Government and inspire their nations. Carl also burns portraits of Indians of various tribal affiliations, often capturing famous or unique headdresses worn by specific tribes.

Carl’s love of the mountains and the wildlife that inhabits them is evident in each of his pieces. He is able to capture the essence of the massive and elusive Bull Elk that roam the mountains and forests of Colorado and New Mexico in his stunning depictions of nature’s most majestic animals.

Whether it is his representation of the commanding Mustang horses indigenous to the New Mexican-Plains, his faithful reproduction of the historic figures that formed the modern West, or his stunning ability to capture the mountain wildlife, Carl’s work never fails to impress.